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V. Update (02.02.2023)

Release Notes

  • Tax information can now be added to mapping during the CSV upload of orders:
    • Our customers can now quickly and accurately add tax information to their orders during the CSV upload process. This will save time and improve the accuracy of the data entered into the system.
  • The password reset functionality has been added to the system and can now be initiated via email! This feature provides our customers with a convenient and secure way to reset their password if they have forgotten it. Instead of contacting Support, they can initiate the password reset process directly from their email, making the process faster and more efficient.
  • We have added the ability for Fulfilment clients to edit the cost price.
  • The "Gift Message" order rule is now available for our customers! This feature allows our customers to add a gift message to their orders, which can be a valuable and personal touch for gift orders.