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V. Update (09.01.2023)

Release Notes

  • New Feature: Fulfilment Clients can now use the "lock shipping method" option. This feature
    allows Fulfilment Clients to lock a specific shipping method to an order if enabled.
  • Supplier Changes:
    We have made several changes to the way suppliers are managed in our software. These
    changes include:
    • The ability to archive and dearchive suppliers from the contact index in the Suppliers
    • The addition of an archived status filter to the topbar, which is only visible on the
      contact index in the Suppliers tab.
    • The inclusion of an archived supplier filter in related reports and exports.
    • Archived suppliers will no longer be visible in dropdown searches.
    • Inventory links for archived suppliers are hidden
    • Archived suppliers will no longer be deletable once they have been linked to products
      or have had purchase orders assigned.
    • Supplier create/update functionality has been updated so that if there is a supplier
      email in archive with the same email address as in create/update request, an error
      will be thrown.

These changes will help Fulfilment Clients to maintain an accurate record of suppliers and improve
the workflow of managing suppliers.

  • We have made updates to the way Amazon FBA orders are being handled that will improve
    the experience for Fulfilment Clients that use Amazon FBA. We have added some logic to the
    platform that checks for Fulfilment Clients that have their channel specifics set to FBA. If this
    is the case, the system will automatically set the shipping method requested and change the
    order's status to "Despatched." Additionally, the system will add a tag to the order to indicate
    that it is an Amazon FBA order.

This new feature will save time and reduce the chance of errors for Fulfilment Clients that frequently
use Amazon FBA for their orders. Additionally, the order tagging will help clients quickly identify these
specific order type.

  • We have made updates to the Storage Billing Feature that will give Fulfilment Clients more
    flexibility in how they are billed. We have added a new setting that allows Fulfilment Clients to
    choose between two methods of billing for storage. Clients can now either have charges
    based on the number of SKUs stored at a location, or simply based on the total number of
    items stored at a location. This changes the way quantities are sent to the Billing API, and will
    help clients to better track and understand their storage costs. This update will be beneficial
    for Fulfilment clients who are looking for more granular tracking of their storage costs and
    help them in better cost control.