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V. Update (03.11.2022)

Release Notes

  • Added the ability to archive SKUs within the Inventory page.
    • If an inventory is archived, the stock sync feature is automatically turned off in 3.5 and Channel API; if the inventory is reactivated, it will automatically revert to whatever stock sync setting it was at before. The "Include Archived Inventories" filter has been added to inventory-dependent Reports (new and old reports)
    • The same filter has been added to the Inventory Imports/Exports.
  • Added a warning message when activating client billing.
  • Added maximum box count feature to Shipping Rules.
  • Batch number details have been added to the Despatch Details screen if an order has a minimum 1 batch numbered inventory.
    • "Despatched Batches Report" has been added to the Inventory tab in new reports.
  • Allow Fulfilment Editable setting has been added to Status Manager. If the related setting is "No," fulfilment clients can only change the status to "Cancelled."
  • Added mobile support to 3.5. (Visual improvement in the side menu)