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v. Update (15.09.2022)

Release Notes

  • Orders page - Saved filter dropdown has been expanded.
  • App - Unassigned Pick gets assigned to a user once it has been selected by the user on the handheld to prevent confusion.
  • Inventory - Added additional logs for failed image loadings so that clients can see the error message in the inventory logs and correct it.
  • Added the ability to delete orders in Pick. (No product in the order should be picked to delete an order.)
  • If the name of a file added to an order is more than 100 characters, the system will rename this file automatically, thus avoiding the error.
  • Order Import: The shipping method requested field has been re-enabled for Fulfilment clients. The set shipping bulk action function has been added to Fulfilment clients in the Order Edit section.
  • The split feature is blocked for the following order statuses:
    • Picked
    • Picking
    • Printed
    • Despatched
    • Cancelled
  • Order Status Manager - Added a feature to change both the background and text colour of the order statuses.
  • Fulfilment address filter added to Public API PO creation.