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v. Update (07.09.2022)

Release Notes

  • The PO status has been removed from the Dashboard as the Dashboard (Order Status Overview) is only for the orders.
  • Global Stock Warning value - Prevented it from being less than zero.
  • The Gift Note field will no longer require character limitation.
  • Shipping rules: Timing fields(start-end) have been added to specify the time in shipping rules.
  • Ability to send emails with SMTP
  • Additional Setup guides have been added to accounting channels: Xero, Sage, and Quickbooks Online.
  • Improvement in the Print creation setting: When the print creation setting is 'no' for the printed status, the printed orders in the print history page can be reprinted within the first seven days.
  • Added the ability to delete orders in Pick; no product in the order should have been picked to delete an order.