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Zoho Commerce

To set up a Zoho Commerce store on Despatch Cloud, you must have the login credentials for your Zoho store. As you can see in the picture below, there are some fields like Client Key and Client Secret that you need to obtain from your Zoho store.


To obtain these credentials, follow the steps below:

1. Login to your Zoho Account

3. If this is the first time you are adding a client, click on "Get Started"


If you added a client before, click on "Add Client"


4. Choose "Server-based Applications" as Client Type.


5. Fill in the fields as follows:

Client Name: Any name can be given

Homepage URL:

Authorized Redirect URIs:


6. Then click on "Create"


Now you can copy the Client ID and Client Secret, and enter in the required field to set up your Zoho Commerce Channel in Despatch Cloud.