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To setup a PrestaShop sales channel on Despatch Cloud, you must have the login credentials for your PrestaShop store. As you can see in the picture below, there are some fields like Web Service Key that you need to obtain from your PrestaShop store.


In order to create a Web Service Key follow the steps below:

1. Log in to your PrestaShop Dashboard.

2. Navigate to the menu Advanced Parameters -> Webservice.


3. Click on the  "Add new webservice key" button.


4. And click the "Generate Key" button or enter a unique one.


5. In the "Permissions" section, select the permissions as below:

products View (GET),

product_options View (GET),

product_option_values View (GET),

stock_availables View (GET), Modify (PUT)

orders View (GET),

order_invoices View (GET),

order_details View (GET),

order_carriers Modify (PUT),

addresses View (GET),

customers View (GET),

currencies View (GET),

combinations View (GET)


6. Finally copy the API Key and click the "Save" button.

Now you have the Web Service Key, you can enter into the required field to setup your channel in Despatch Cloud.

Note: Enter the store URL in the "Domain" field.