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Interspire Installation

Step 1

To set up Interspire, you must install our platform's extension into your Interspire installation.

Please request the extension file from us through [email protected]

Step 2

Once you obtain the file, please open it and edit the according lines:


  • dbhost: The URL address of the hosted Interspire platform.
  • dbusername: The username of the Interspire database
  • dbpassword: The password of the Interspire database
  • dbdatabase: The name of the Interspire database
  • dbprefix: The prefix of your database. If you don't know the value, you can find it in the Interspire config file.
  • api_key: The API key of the Interspire connection. This password will later be used in the API key section of our platform while connecting to Interspire.

Please save the file once you're done editing and move it to the Interspire installation folder.

Restarting your Interspire installation may be necessary after moving the extension file.

Step 3

Once you're done with the above, please head to Warehouse Management System and head to “Settings -> Sales Channels -> Interspire” to set up your Interspire connection.


  • Name: A name must be given to the channel you are currently installing. Could be anything.
  • Store URL: The website address you wrote in dbhost value above.
  • API Key: Please write the same phrase you wrote in the api_key value above.

Once you fill-up the necessary fields, you can go ahead and click on the "Submit" button to finalize your installation.