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To add a Bol sales channel on Despatch Cloud, you must have the login credentials for it. As you can see in the picture below, you need to obtain some fields like Client ID and Client Secret from your Bol store.


These credentials can be obtained through the Seller Dashboard (SDD). In order to create these credentials, follow the steps below:

1. Log in to the Seller Dashboard,

2. Open the settings page, and navigate to  Instellingen > API Instellingen


3. Fill in the technical contact details (Technisch contactpersoon) and click on "Opslaan" to save.


4. After saving the technical contact information, new sections will be available to create credentials. Press the "Anmaken" button.


The newly created credentials will be displayed in the list. 


7. To get the complete set of credentials, click the “Toon Secret” link below the “Client ID”. 


A popup window will open containing the “Client Secret”.


Now you have the Client ID and Client Secret that you can enter in the required field to set up your Bol sales channel on Despatch Cloud.