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To set up an AliExpress sales channel on Despatch Cloud, you will need to follow these steps:

1. Click the "Settings" button in the highlighted bottom left corner.


2. Go to the "Sales Channels" section to choose the integration you want to install.


3. From the list of sales channel integrations, select the one that's highlighted in the red box.


4. In the picture provided, you will see several fields that need to be filled out.


The first field is the "Name," which can be any name you choose as long as it's a unique name you haven't used before.

The second field is the "Fulfilment Country ISO Code," which is used to distinguish whether the shipment is being made within the same country or to a different country. This field requires the ISO code of the country to which the shipments will be made. For example, if the shipments are made to Italy, you would enter "IT" in this field.

5. Once you have filled out all the relevant fields, click the "Submit" button. 


If the channel is created successfully, you will receive a message confirming this and you will be redirected to the channel connection page automatically.


Clicking the "Connect" button will take you to AliExpress's authorisation page.


6. In case you close the redirection window accidentally, you can navigate to the same page by entering "Settings -> Sales Channels" and clicking on "AliExpress."


Then, click the highlighted link icon to open the connection page again.


7. If you haven't logged in to your AliExpress account before, you will need to sign in to your account.


If you are already logged in, you will see the following authorisation page.

8. Click on the "Authorize" button and make sure the box is checked. 


This will complete the setup process and your AliExpress sales channel will now be added and connected successfully.