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Recommended Devices

The Despatch Cloud mobile application is a powerful tool that allows users to streamline their warehouse operations and increase efficiency. Designed for use on Android devices running version 6.0 or higher, the app is an integral part of the Despatch Cloud warehouse management system.

With the Despatch Cloud app, users can easily pick orders, conduct stock taking, put goods away, and receive goods in. The intuitive interface and real-time updates make it easy for users to track their progress and ensure that tasks are completed accurately and efficiently.

In addition to these core functions, the Despatch Cloud app also offers a range of additional features to help users manage their warehouse operations more effectively. This includes tools for tracking inventory levels, managing orders, and generating reports to help users stay on top of their operations.

Whether you're a small business owner looking to streamline your operations or a warehouse manager looking for a powerful tool to help manage your team, the Despatch Cloud app is an essential tool that can help you get the job done. So, it's a very useful application for warehouse management.

To guarantee the full functionality of our app, we recommend using a Zebra TC51, Zebra TC25 or Zebra TC20.

You can buy the mentioned Zebra devices from Amazon and such marketplaces. In addition, you can find information about the handheld devices made by Zebra on this page.