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In order to setup a Sage accounting channel on Despatch Cloud follow the steps below:

1. As you can see in the picture, you need to enter a "Channel Name" and select a "Locale.


Name: You can enter a name in this field. It could be anything you want but it is better to be meaningful for you.

Locale: Select the country where your Sage account is registered.

2. Then click on "Submit"


If you face an error as in the picture below, this means the name you picked is already taken and you have to try another name.


If you get a message like in the following picture then it means you created your channel successfully.


3. The next step is connecting the channel. In order to do that click on the Link Icon.


4. If you haven't logged in to Sage already, then you need to sign in to your account.


But, if you are already logged in to your Sage account, you will see the message below.


Now your Sage channel is added and connected successfully. If you go back to the Sage channel page, you can see that there is no "Connect" button anymore.